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Vacating Information


Vacating - Giving Notice

The Residential Tenancy Agreement is a binding Contract providing protection for both the Landlord and the Tenant.
The Residential Tenancy Agreement can be terminated by the Tenant in the following ways:
  • If you intend to vacate at the end of your Fixed-Term Tenancy you will need to provide the Lessor in writing of your intention to do so.
  • If you intend to vacate and are on a Periodic Tenancy (not Fixed-Term) you will need to provide the Lessor with 21 days' notice prior to your intended vacating date.

A Vacating Notice for a Fixed Term Tenancy is available to download here.

Vacating - Final Inspection

It is our desire to make the vacating process as smooth as possible.  Once we have received your completed notice form of Intention to Vacate Premises” we will send confirmation to you in writing.

At this stage we will also begin the process of advertising the property for rent. During the last 21 days of your tenancy we are permitted to access to show prospective tenants. Our Agency will contact you ahead of any appointments to arrange a suitable day and time of any inspection.

The Property Manager will arrange a suitable time to conduct a Final Inspection of the property. Vacating Tenancy Guidelines will be issued to you to assist you in preparation.

The Final Inspection can only be completed once the property is free of all personal effects, carpets professionally cleaned, all general cleaning completed, gardening completed and if any fumigation (if a pet has been at the property) arranged.

At the Final Inspection, our Property Management Team will use the Property Condition Report (PCR) which was agreed at the commencement of your tenancy.  Particular attention will be paid to the cleanliness to items such as curtains/blinds, windows, window tracks, floors, stoves (griller and oven), hand basin, sink, showers, baths and toilets. Our Team will also use the photos taken at the commencement of the tenancy for further clarification. 

Rent is payable until all keys for the property have been returned to our Agency.

Bond Refund applications are only processed after the satisfactory completion of the Final Inspection and all outstanding matters have been completed. .

Please ensure you provide us with your forwarding address and contact details.
Want a Speedy Bond Refund? Here are some Tips to help you obtain a speedy Bond Refund
  • Read the confirmation Vacating letter issued from our Agency explaining the Vacating and Final Bond process
  • Refer to the Property (Entry) Condition Report provided at the beginning of the Tenancy.
  • Refer to the link our “Cleaning List To Assist You With Your Bond Refund to assist you in preparing the Property.
  • If time does not permit you to do the cleaning or gardening we recommend professional companies who can provide those services. Contractors rates can vary so suggest you contact them direct to arrange a quote. A list of contractors is detailed on the attached list.  
  • Download our "Get Your Bond Back" Checklist and "Recommended Contractors". Both can be accessed by clicking the relevant images below.
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