Tips for Sellers

For information about selling property, click here for your free copy of First National Real Estate’s Home Seller’s Guide.

To ensure you can make an informed decision, we analyse local sales trends and price movements on properties similar to your own. We can offer you an appraisal that you can rely on.

When selling your home your main objective is to determine the best and most realistic price and to achieve it in the least expensive and quickest amount of time. You may think selling a house is easy: but ask yourself how many houses did you look at before you bought the one that you currently own? How many other people do you suppose went through those homes before a buyer was found?

You may think that the first person who walks through the door will fall in love with the place, but perhaps you need some distance, and a good real estate agent. Your home will probably be the most valuable possession you will ever sell - Therefore you should take advantage of all the assistance that you can get.

Our successful sales team would be more than happy to discuss your particular requirements and assist you in the sales process. To have one of our marketing consultants contact you please email us at