1Form Tenancy Form – Super Fast Rental Applications

Use 1Form to apply for your new home! No longer do you have to complete the same information on rental applications time and time again. Do it once with 1Form. 1Form is an online tenancy application system that makes applying for rental properties quick and easy. Just enter your details once (and only one if you choose to save them) and then you can log in at any time for other properties that may catch your eye.

Want to double the speed of how quick we can process your Application? Providing good information and completing the application with all the requirements is important. Let’s face it. Applying for a rental can seem to be a process that can drag on but that’s what we’re here for - to make it super fast! 

If you want us to double the speed at which we can process your application then you need to include the email addresses of your referees in your application. If not this will take us longer to process.