Applying for a Rental Property

Finding a place to rent can be a stressful experience. At First National Real Estate Broome we try to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our Leasing Consultant is here to help you find exactly what you're looking for and can be contacted directly at any time by clicking here

Firstly, make an appointment with our office to view the property you are interested in. Once the property has been viewed and if you would like to rent the property you will need to complete an Application Form and supply the appropriate documentation.

Application Forms are available from:
  • Our Reception,
  • Our Leasing Officer at a viewing,
  • Online by clicking here, or
  • With super fast online application which you can access by clicking here
We offer speedy processing of your tenancy application and under normal circumstances; applications are usually processed within 2 business days. This is of course subject to us having all of the information provided by you. Waiting on return phone calls from referees can slow the whole process down so we recommend you supply written references at the time of your application to help speed up the process. Each adult prospective tenant that will potentially be residing at the property must complete an individual application form as well as provide supporting documentation.
Completing your Tenancy Application Form - with your completed and signed application, we also require the following documents:
  • Two forms of Photo Identification (driver’s license, 18+ card or passport)
  • Two types of confirmation of your current/previous address (rates notice, car registration, rent receipts, phone account, credit card statement or similar)
  • Proof of Income: ie payslips, a group certificate, bank statements, Centrelink letter etc. If you have more than one source of income, please provide all details.
  • Section 21 on the Form must be completed which gives us approval under the Privacy Act to seek verification of your details. 
Completed application forms plus supporting documentation can be submitted

Processing your Tenancy Application Form - once all information has been supplied our Property Managers will review and process your application and discuss with the Lessor. This process normally takes 24 – 48 hours however is subject to us being able to verify all of the references. One of our Property Management Team will contact you to advise you of the Lessors decision and if your application has been accepted. If accepted, they will also discuss your move-in-date and arrange an appointment for you to sign your Residential Tenancy Agreement within 3 business days of the acceptance. At this appointment we require you to pay an amount equivalent to two weeks rent to secure the property. The property will continue to be advertised until the lease has been signed and the 2 weeks paid. These monies will be receipted into our Trust Account as your first 2 weeks of your tenancy. We will then proceed to prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement ready for execution at that appointment. 
Moving into your New Property - prior to collecting the keys for your new home, you will need to pay the Security Bond in full and a Bond Lodgment Form will need to be signed. The Security Bond payment must be cleared in our Trust Account before we can hand over keys. The Security Bond is equivalent to 4 weeks rent plus if a pet has been approved then an additional $260 is required. Security Bonds are lodged with the Bond Administrator until the end of the Tenancy.

There will be certain clauses in the contract that you will be required to meet and these can be explained by the Property Manager. Please ensure that you are on time for your appointments and allow a minimum of 30 minutes to go through all the necessary documents during the sign up appointment. The Property Condition Report and keys will be issued to you at that time.
Additional Points - as an Agent we have a legal obligation to the Lessor to ensure prospective tenants can fulfil the requirements of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. Please ensure that you have provided the following:
  • Previous rental reference from an agency with contact numbers. If you have not rented from an agency, a reference from a private landlord with copies of receipts and proof of regular payments.  If you have never rented and are a current home owner, we will require a copy of a recent rates notice. Ideally also contact details for the agent who may have sold your home or has rented it out on your behalf.
  • Referees must be that of an employer and or people who are held in high regard in the community, they cannot be that of a relative or close friend.
  • Proof of income, either pay slips (x 2) or Centrelink statements
  • If self-employed, the last 2 years tax returns are required as proof of income, along with a business license number and or company registration number.
  • Proof of identity (e.g. driver’s license, Medicare card, passport, proof of age card, birth certificate) further details on application form
  • Next of kin details

Where an application is not able to meet the above criteria, the application may not be approved. All applications will be submitted to the landlord and the landlord’s decision will be final.
Residential Status - if you are not an Australian Citizen, you will need to provide proof of eligibility to reside in Australia. A copy of your Visa will be required. (New Zealand  not applicable).