Emergency and Urgent Maintenance Matters

The Residential Tenancy Act and Regulations in WA comprehensively covers the rights and responsibilities of all parties in relation to Emergency and After-Hours issues. As an Agency who takes our customer service standards seriously we want to provide you with guidelines should you require emergency maintenance outside of hours so our hard-working Property Managers get the chance to switch off.  
Urgent repairs fall into two categories: essential services and other urgent repairs.  
Essential services - Essential services are listed in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 and include repairs to:
  • a burst water service,
  • gas leaks,
  • broken hot water system,
  • sewerage leaks or
  • dangerous electrical faults.
Other urgent repairs - Other urgent repairs are not an essential service, but if not fixed might cause damage to the premises, injure a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant/s.
There are times when a tenant can arrange essential service repairs outside business hours.
Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8.30am to 1.00pm.  
If our office is closed and a tenant is not able to contact the Agency within 24 hours for an essential repair and 48 hours for an urgent repair, a tenant can arrange for the repairs to be carried out by a suitably-qualified repairer to the minimum extent necessary.  Property managers are often the third wheel between tradespeople and tenant, relaying messages and coordinating times and troubleshooting when the parties could be communicating directly with each other for a faster and more efficient outcome. This is even more difficult when on weekends not all tradespeople in Broome are available or immediately contactable.  It is for this reason why we do not provide an exact list of tradespeople for after-hours contacts. If it is an essential service then you can contact a suitably-qualified repairer should the need arise outside office hours. Refer to Dept of Commerce https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/urgent-repairs-rental-home
  • Life threatening emergency - Call 000 for fire, police and ambulance.
  • Reporting noise or disturbance issues - Tenants are able to call the Broome Police 9194 0200
  • Flooding or roof leaks in storms - Tenants are able to call the SES directly on 0417 937 073 to address these matters.
  • Water supply failure - Call Water Corporation on 131375
  • Licensed Locksmith – Call North West Locksmith 9192 7716 or email service@northwestlocksmiths.com.au
If you require assistance for one of the above urgent repairs occurring outside of office hours you can email info@broomerealestate.com.au. You will need to provide the following information:  
  1.                 Your full name. If you are not the Lease Holder please include the name of the Tenant noted on the lease
  2.                 The address of the property
  3.                 Your best contact number
  4.                 Details on what the problem is
  5.                 What action you have taken.
Lost keys and remote controls: If remotes are lost, damaged or locked in motor vehicles or the property, please call North West Locksmith as noted above. Tenants are responsible for all costs incurred with this.

Our office emergency number if still required is 0418 937 455.