Great Start to 2022

Great Start to 2022

Great Start to 2022

What a great start to 2022! GOOD properties are selling within days of coming to market. If you would like to benefit from this increased activity arrange an appraisal on your property here.

At First National Real Estate, we have a firm handle on the essential elements for successfully marketing your home. Here are our 10 top tips.

Make sure you’re selling the right benefits.

Selling the right benefits is all about knowing who your potential buyer is. By understanding what makes them tick and what they’re looking for in a home, you can tailor your communication to pique their interest. For example, if your key audience is young families, you’ll want to scream and shout about the fully fenced, level backyard, or that it's close to the park or school. If your potential buyer is a retiring down-sizer, communicating that it is a single level home with low maintenance gardens and easy lock and leave is more likely to hit the mark. Once you’ve identified who you are talking to and found the benefits to match, you’re ready to start adapting these messages for different marketing and advertising environments.

2) A (property) picture speaks a thousand words.

Beautiful, professional imagery is worth its weight in gold. Real estate photographers know how to capture a property at its best – it’s all about the angles, the wide lenses and getting the lighting just right. In fact, they’ll often make your home look so good you’ll wonder why you’re selling at all! 

3) Boost your impact with a video tour. 

As above, visual content is key to presenting your home for sale. Adding video content takes this to the next level. Ask our team about the different options available to purchase with our professional photographer Taryn. 


4) Social media isn’t just for socialising.

Regardless of whether you’re personally a fan of social media or not, Facebook & Instagram are fantastic platforms for reaching large audiences. Platforms like Facebook enable advertisers to tightly target audience profiles (from geographic locations, to gender, age group and interests) so you can ensure your message gets in front of potential buyers. 

5) Maximise digital exposure.

While not all properties make it to market (that’s why it’s always worth a call to our office if you’re after something specific), those that do always start with a listing on the First National Real Estate website. From there, key portals like Domain and follow to ensure maximum exposure. 

6) Leverage our email database.

With over 300 offices nationwide, First National Real Estate has a vast database that can be leveraged to sell your home. From simply directing people to your home listing or directing them to a bespoke property website that includes a property video and stunning imagery to showcase your property, there are options to suit all sales.

7) Get in front of potential buyers as they roam the internet.

While the days of property print campaigns aren’t dead, digital advertising provides unparalleled transparency and real-time feedback that print just can’t compete with. Ads featuring your property can be served as potential buyers browse on major publishing platforms like Nine Entertainment, The Age, Brisbane Courier Mail, and even as they visit retail sites or perform Google searches. With some decent analytics behind a digital campaign, you’ll be able to see how much it costs to draw people to your listing (known as cost per click) and gauge real-time results.

8) Embrace new technologies.

Property marketing is continually evolving, and as generations of digital natives begin to grab hold of the property ladder, things are set to become even more digitally led. For one, with virtual reality becoming more accessible, future buyers will be able to skip the open homes and walk-through potential properties from the comfort of their living room. While it can be tricky to keep up with emerging trends (like these from our recent blog), at First National Real Estate, we have a team dedicated to marketing and digital – so you don’t have to. We’re confident in embracing new tools, resources and technology that help to achieve the best outcomes.

9) Don’t underestimate a good old fashioned ‘for sale’ sign.

A well-designed sign will generate phone calls and can drum up interest from those passing by (who may not actively be home hunting). Signage can be particularly effective if you’re located on a road with high traffic.

10) Engage the experts for a tailored approach.

Each property is unique and needs to be treated that way. With a wealth of experience, First National Real Estate is equipped to effectively market homes in a rapidly changing landscape. Whether it’s utilising the latest technologies or sticking with a traditional approach, we expertly adapt our marketing strategy to capture the attention of your potential buyers. By staying abreast of trends and innovations in the real estate space, we are equipped to ensure the best return on investment for your marketing dollar. Our award-winning team has an approach centred around driving demand, creating healthy competition and ultimately, generating the best sales results for you.


Our team are only a phone call away for any assistance you might need - alternatively get in touch here.

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