Buying or selling property no matter where you are

Buying or selling property no matter where you are

Buying or selling property no matter where you are

Aren't these photos testament to just how great it is to be able to do business from anywhere!!

Whether it's initially viewing a property online, taking a walk through (we have 3d viewing experiences too) or researching market history - as consumers we want information readily available at our fingertips and why shouldn't buying be any different.

Openn Negotiation was created a few years ago by a real estate agent but has shown it's importance with covid restrictions.

If you're looking to buy or sell Openn Negotiation is a fair win for all. It is an online platform (or has an app) that allows qualified buyers to openly negotiate on price with the advantage of knowing exactly how many real, competing buyers there are.

As a Seller, you are able to see what real buyers are bidding for your property in real time. It gives you confidence in the sale value of your property and in reaching the maximum market value. It also helps ascertain what actual buyers are in your marketplace particularly if you are really wanting to sell.

Openn Negotiation is the new way to negotiate property openly and fairly. As a Seller you can feel satisfied your home sold at its true market value and as a buyer you will never offer too much, or miss out by just a few thousand dollars. Openn Negotiation is very easy to use and is designed to be open and fair for buyers and sellers. It cuts out any confusion or game playing, making the process of buying and selling efficient, transparent and far less stressful than it often can be. The Openn Negotiation process enables buyers and sellers to feel confident they will achieve the best result possible.

If you'd like to know more get in touch with our team here.

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