Property Cleaning Checklist

Property Cleaning Checklist

Property Cleaning Checklist

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The level of cleanliness of a rental property is crucial for both landlords and tenants. As a landlord, ensuring your home is in top condition at the start of the rental period will help ensure this is the state the property is returned in. A beautifully prepared and presented home will also often achieve higher rental returns and a greater number of high-quality applicants.

When a tenant is vacating a property at the end of their term, the condition of the home is required to be similar to the condition it was provided in at the start of the term - as documented on the in-going condition report and accompanying photos. If not, the rental bond paid at the start of the tenancy can be withheld to recover costs of cleaning and repairs which may be required to return the property to its previous condition.

So, how can a landlord be sure that their investment property is as clean as it can be before a tenant moves in? And how can a tenant ensure they have covered everything when cleaning the home at the end of their lease term? Our detailed and downloadable cleaning checklist will help (download a copy here)!

Owners & tenants - please carefully select your cleaner

Many times we have been disappointed with the results achieved by a low-cost cleaner. An "end of lease clean" which includes carpet clean and general clean of the property is simply not realistic and will not achieve the desired result. At times, a budget cleaning service may seem appealing as they may offer to return if you are not satisfied. However, if the job wasn't done well enough the first time, there is little likelihood the result after a second attempt will be much better.

We won't lease a property to a tenant unless it is appropriately clean. Delays in having a property satisfactorily clean can cost you more in the long run, due to a continued period of the property remaining vacant and not generating rental income. We can provide a recommendation of a professional cleaning service for your property if desired.

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