How can I get my bond back quickly?

How can I get my bond back quickly?

How can I get my bond back quickly?

Moving out of your property can be very stressful. You are required to leave a rental property in the same state that you moved in - minus fair wear and tear. It is our intention of returning your security deposit as promptly as we can once you have fulfilled your agreement with us.

In order to mutually end our relationship on a positive note, we provide a booklet with a step by step guide towards receiving your bond back and our procedures for returning your security bond to all our vacating tenants.

The Tenancy Agreement you signed at the commencement requires you to return the premises to a condition comparable with that at the commencement of the lease. You would have received and signed a copy of your Property Condition Report. This report describes how we expect the property to be left. Should you require another copy to assist you in ensuring the property is returned to a comparable condition please email your property manager.   

There may be some cleaning and perhaps minor repairs to be done before handing the property back to us. In the booklet we provide to our vacanting tenants we include our recommended contractors to help take the stress out of these tasks. 

Our Agency uses the Bond Administrator electronic transaction system as a service to you.  The traditional method of releasing bonds used to take the Bond Administrator approximately three weeks to release the funds. The e-transaction system speeds up the release of the bond so funds are deposited into your bank within 24 - 48 hours (once all parties have agreed).

Our biggest recommendation to vacating tenants is - start the cleaning programme early. Don't leave everything until the last few days.

To avoid cleaning charges and unnecessary deductions from your bond, it is in your best interest to ensure the property is returned as detailed in the agreed initial (entry) Property Condition Report. Whilst wear and tear is taken into account, the duration of the Tenancy and the nature of any damage will hold bearing on who is ultimately responsible for any damage.

  1. Read your Vacating letter explaining the Vacating and Final Bond process.
  2. Refer to the Property (Entry) Condition Report provided at the beginning of the Tenancy. Check to see if there are any changes to this report, allowing for fair wear and tear.

We recommend printing our "Getting Your Bond Back Checklist" by clicking the relevant image below.

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