How can we live more sustainable in Broome?

How can we live more sustainable in Broome?

How can we live more sustainable in Broome?

One of my new year's goals this year has been to reduce excess spending!! It's amazing how the little extras can creep in and form habits without you even knowing. In fact what's been a surprise is how our whole family has embraced the change and are all looking at ways of saving money. What a great lesson for our kids to be a part of. 

Our goal is to upgrade to a bigger home which will obviously benefit us all and probably what is enticing the kids to join in. It has made me reconsider sustainable living. In the past i've tried where I can but it hasn't really been a priority (although it should be). Yes we recycle, turn lights off as we leave the room and try to reduce our shower times but there isn't too much more we've done to date. 

Enter 2018 and my many ways of looking at reducing spending and sustainable living keeps coming to mind. Small footprint family shares 40 ways to save money by going green (read full article here). I've decided we could certainly put some of these into practice and will keep you posted of our progress. Initially starting small we want to see at least a 10% reduction in home bills and then work our way up as we can. So far just concentrating on buying in bulk and less convenience type shopping has proved very rewarding. 

Researching online for idea's supports solar panels as one of the most popular ways households seem to be reducing their electricity bills. Unfortunately that isn't yet available in Broome. Speaking with Broome Plumbing and Gas they advised there is a trial being conducted at the moment on a small collection of Broome North homes which will hopefully eventuate into something in the future but isn't going to help right now.

Broome Plumbing and Gas did suggest purchasing a solar hot water system which after five years would pay for itself. There is a $1,000 rebate possibly available for installation as well which can reduced the outlay cost. If you'd like more information about this please contact Broome Plumbing & Gas by clicking here.

Stay tuned for further updates throughout the year on how our money saving escapades go.... we'd love to hear what you've got planned for you 2018 goals or money saving hacks.

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