Selling or Renting? How can you gain the best exposure?

 Selling or Renting? How can you gain the best exposure?

Selling or Renting? How can you gain the best exposure?

It's no secret that when it comes to marketing a property online, the options are endless with a few websites holding majority of the audience not to mention our pockets at ransom.

What if we told you for a fraction of the price of the more expensive web portals you could reach your target audience specifically ... in a comfortable platform ... getting results within days... would you be interested?

Just to digress for one minute we do want to emphasise that in addition to paid web portals at First National we also offer access to our database with an extensive list of people ALREADY qualified. Our team is in constant contact with potential tenants and buyers even to the point of monitoring how many visits each person has made to properties online. This IS AN INVALUABLE RESOURCE it just isn't our only weapon in the successful marketing of your home. 

In fact to give you an idea of just how invaluable our database is we have a quick online demand service where you can complete in REAL TIME the characteristics of your property and find out how many people we actually have in our database today looking for a property just like yours. VERY COOL!! If you would like to see for yourself simply click the relevant option: Considering selling click hereConsidering renting click here.

So what is this affordable option owners should be considering?

Facebook!! Our team at First National Broome has had great success with Facebook advertising and regularly rotate the structure and layout of our social media posts. If you're sceptical consider this:

  • Facebook allows perspective buyers/ tenants to consume real estate advertisements in an environment they are already comfortable in.
  • Facebook has the most accurate targeting available meaning you pay to promote your ads to specific people who will be interested in your property. 
  • Facebooks audience is HUGE and for as little as $100 you can have your property exposed to thousands. 

According to Ollie Moore of Facebook Australia, “Facebook reaches 80% of the internet population in Australia”. He goes on to say that more than 15 million Australians use Facebook every month. In short, Facebook already has an audience of buyers far bigger than any real estate advertising portal will ever have.

The team at First National Broome have a special promotion for the first 10 customers to register. Register here to secure your spot! 


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