Does Property Represent a Secure, Long Term form of Wealth Creation?

Does Property Represent a Secure, Long Term form of Wealth Creation?

Does Property Represent a Secure, Long Term form of Wealth Creation?

A well-managed investment property can offer distinct advantages, including income and capital growth. Many investors are able to use their investment property to reduce the tax payable on their assessable income. Property is also an important component of an entire investment portfolio, particularly, for people who do not need immediate access to their money and wish to protect themselves against inflation over the long term.

Property is a solid long term investment. It can reasonably be expected to provide capital growth in the long term and market information is easily accessible and understood. With property you can also see what you are actually buying.  Our team can provide assistance in finding the right property that suits your investment requirements as well as managing the property on your behalf. 

Here are some of our top tips for property investors:

  1. Some people choose an investment property by assessing whether they would be happy to live there themselves. Think with your head and not with your heart - for it to properly serve your needs, it must be capable of appealing to the widest possible market of potential tenants.
  2. Talk to an accountant or financial adviser before beginning your property search. It’s important to fully understand what type of investment property is most likely to serve your financial goals appropriately. Investment properties may be purchased using many different financial methods, all of which have differing tax implications and longterm impacts.
  3. Talking to several brokers will help you understand the most suitable mortgage product to help you make the transition from your existing home to your next. If you do not have, or prefer not to use cash for a deposit, you can borrow against the equity in your own home. Affordability should be your main consideration.
Our team consistently maximise results for our owners in the leasing and management of their investments in the Broome region. A well chosen property can provide a good, steady return on investment which, over time, improves along with the property’s value.  

Consider a property that may cost $400,000 to purchase now and rents at $450 per week. In 20 years time when you could potentially be retiring, you may be in the position where the property has been fully paid off with the weekly rental amount funding your fishing trips or overseas holidays. Taking the time to plan now could potentially mean you’re able to purchase more than one, to avoid only retiring on your superannuation.  

While you’re busy working and dealing with life’s to day to day issues, the income from your tenants will assist to increase equity in your property.  Along with our assistance, the management of the investment is relatively easy and little time is required.  

Our Property Management team offers incomparable back up support and marketing services ensuring your investment offers the best return available. The high attention to detail and personal day-to-day attention ensures you can relax knowing your investment is in good hands.

We are a family business and have been managing properties locally for over 30 years. Along with adapting to market changes we regularly train, recruit and promote staff within ensuring high attention to detail, a systemised approach and many hands on deck to ensure your property is managed efficiently without leaving anything to chance.

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