It's Time to Bag a Broome Bargain

It's Time to Bag a Broome Bargain

It's Time to Bag a Broome Bargain

With a very strong link between job creation, housing demand and property prices now is a great time to bag yourself a Broome Bargain. The Thunderbird project alone will make a significant contribution to our economy and to communities throughout the Kimberley. There has been positive news within Western Australia about what projects are on the horizon which you can read about in a previous blog post of ours located here

While the last few years have been difficult to judge where the bottom of the market is we can confidently say we have now seen the market stabilise. Within the last two months alone our Sales Team have had 5 properties go under offer and an additional 5 sell. Property prices have not yet recovered to the price that they were before the GFC but now is a great time to bag yourself a Broome bargain before they start to increase again in the not to distant future. You may be buying your first home, purchasing an investment or taking the opportunity to upscale your existing home - our sales team can help navigate a win in our existing market. 

Curious to know how to BAG A BROOME BARGAIN?
We have quite a few clients who are looking for a quick sale before the New Year and have reduced their properties significantly to make this happen. If you'd like to know which properties they click here to get in touch with Lana and John from our Sales Team to find out exactly which properties are now reduced.

Are you a First Home Buyer?
Now has never been a better time to consider purchasing your own home. We have some great properties currently on the market that would be ideal if you're looking to buy something very nice and liveable now, that would be a great investment later AND won't cost you a fortune to purchase or ongoing in maintenance.

We strongly suggest speaking with a mortgage broker or Financial institution to outlay your income verse expenses to ensure you know exactly how much you have to spend. Budgeting for ongoing expenses once you move into the property is also something to discuss with them and perhaps why you may consider a strata unit initially to reduce your expenses.

We strongly recommend North West Finance and have had a great relationship with them in helping our First Home Buyers. Why not find out how close you are to owning your own home by completing our quick online registration form where we contact North West Finance on your behalf - click here to register online.



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