How to Manage an Investment Property

How to Manage an Investment Property

How to Manage an Investment Property

Are you weighing up the benefits of using a property manager? If you think you’ll be able to handle managing your investment property on your own, we recommend you consider the value a property manager brings.

A property manager will save you a lot of time and hassle. They can also help you find the right tenant through advertising, open house inspections, bad tenant database checks, and by reviewing applications. They’ll also make sure your property complies with all safety requirements, and that all repairs and routine maintenance jobs are carried out.

There’s a lot more involved in property management than you may think. We'd love the opportunity to show you how our Property Management Department differs from others in town.

**Click here to get in touch and find how we can start helping you live a more relaxed life without worrying about the day to day affairs of your investment.


Here's what others have had to say about our service

Happy Owner - M Hinz  

And by the way, I'm really impressed with how you clarify information and present it to me, it's all very clear.   Much better than many real estate managers I have dealt with. Thank you

Happy Tenant - K Coleman 

I would like to pass on to Management how exceptional Vicki's professionalism & communication was during my period of tenancy.

Tenant De Marchi Road 

Linda has been exceptional in her service as an employee of First National Real Estate. As tenants of De Marchi Road, we received attentive, realistic and above all punctual responses to our requests for assistance through the last wet season.
Linda also was empathetic, courteous and respectful of our personal need to move to Perth for medical reasons. This is a seemingly and exceptionally rare quality in people especially those who like Linda are under the pump to expedite a demanding role. Please pass on our personal congratulations to Linda for her professional acumen.

Best Real Estate Agents in Town 

I recommended First National when clients ask about which Real Estate is the best in town to use. I've heard people come back & say that you are the best they have dealt with too. Thanks Tenant Mandie

Thanks for your attention to detail - Happy Owners 

Well done Kat for your attention to detail and getting things sorted. I have just viewed the property photos and am impressed as everything is looking great . Couple of maintenance tasks we will sort asap. I would say in the ten + years that house has been leased out that property has never looked so good. Mandy & I fully appreciate and respect all the work that everyone involved has done to get that place to that standard.
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