Have you considered a Pop Up Shop?

Have you considered a Pop Up Shop?

Have you considered a Pop Up Shop?

As we enter Broome's busier months now is a great opportunity to consider leasing a commercial property for a pop up shop and to test the market. Enjoy the flexibility of your owning business without having to commit long term, particuarly if you enjoy escaping over the wet season.

We have some great opportunities available to lease where owners would be willing to discuss negotiable shorter lease terms.

There are many reasons why short-term retail is effective especially considering your potential customers almost double in size over the next six months. You will also be looking at a lot less start up costs, you're able to test the market and location and build awareness for your product.

Our team are here to help and would love to see you bring your new ideas or product to Broome and the marketplace.Here are five easy steps to guide you down the right path of pop-up execution.

5 Steps To Open a Pop-Up Shop

  1. Design your experience. Are you going to create a beautiful booth, immersive store, host nightly events, or bring in musical acts? Overall, make sure you do more than just selling products.

  2. Find the right space. Start by searching our current properties for lease here, consider the size of the space and location.

  3. Plan the logistics. How will you accept payment, get your products to the space, and setup and run the store?

  4. Promote your pop-up. Reach out to your current contacts and friends, consider a flyer or promoting on local facebook community page. Find creative ways to get your name out - we are happy to help promote your new business on our Facebook page - simply send an email to our Marketing Consultant here.

  5. Open your store. Celebrate. Throw a opening party. Offer exclusive sales. Create other engaging experiences to consistently bring in new foot traffic throughout the life of the store.

If you have any further questions or would like some assistance email our team here.

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