Small Décor Ideas that can have Big Results for Your Tenants

Small Décor Ideas that can have Big Results for Your Tenants

Small Décor Ideas that can have Big Results for Your Tenants

By making small changes to your rental property, you can make it much more appealing to tenants. When your property experiences a vacancy, it’s the perfect time to make some basic improvements that can add value and appeal.

Before you start

Obviously major renovations are out of the question during a vacancy period but sometimes the smallest of changes can make the world of difference. Ask your First National property manager to tell you what he or she thinks would make a big impression on tenants.

Smell and lighting

The first thing people notice when they walk into someone's house is the smell and the lighting. Smell invokes memory and if you have a nice-smelling property, tenants will associate it with something positive. Lighting is also a huge factor in making people feel comfortable.

Replacing dated light fittings is inexpensive, completely alters first impressions and dramatically increases appeal

Floor décor

After walking in, smelling a room and adjusting to the light, people generally look down. Aged, pet stained or threadbare carpets certainly create an impression – just not the type you’re looking for.

What’s underneath the carpet? Find a discreet corner and pull up some carpet to see if there’s nice timber underneath that could be polished. However, be careful. Some apartment buildings have strict rules about timber floors, and for good reasons. Check with the Owners Corporation before you do any work that could get you in trouble. With houses you’re free to go right ahead and polish away.


Curtains are the eyebrows of every room and they need to be kept tidy, shaped and attractive.

The main considerations are whether they are safe, will give tenants privacy, and are easy to clean. Spending a few hundred dollars on proper window coverings will see your property re-leased much more quickly.

First National Real Estate can lead you in the right direction when sprucing up your rental property or consider spending some money on property styling. Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to both the tenancy appeal and capital value. Just ask and we’ll be more than happy to make recommendations.

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