Setting A Realistic Price

We lease more properties than any other Broome Agent!

As Broome’s largest leasing Agent we are able to guide you best on determining a fair market rental for your property. The condition of the property, the location and length of term are all critical factors to setting a realistic rental price. Some owners make the mistake of setting the rent too high and therefore do not attract a tenant as quickly as they could. Time is money so avoid unnecessary downtime in waiting for a higher rent while trying to secure a suitable tenant willing to pay a higher rate. If your property is priced competitively we can encourage and motivate a well-informed tenant to take action. If a property is overpriced the rate of inquiry is greatly diminished.

The rent we recommend is based upon rates being achieved for comparable properties supported by facts and statistics. Having the largest selection of properties in Broome ensures that we know the market better than any other Agent. The market rent for a property and the cost of financing it, cannot and should not be compared to each other. 

Expose your property to the widest range of potential tenants and ensure it is professionally marketed. Nine out of ten people start their search online which allows prospective tenants to be more discerning from the comfort of their office chair. We know the value of an effective web online presence which is why we have a dedicated marketing department to ensure your property is promoted to its very best advantage. 

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