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Investing in Broome

Affordable airfares along with several multi-million dollar projects now is a great time to consider buying in Broome. Reflect on your existing property portfolio and your goals for the future or take the plunge to own your own home while prices remain affordable.
Why should you consider an investment in property? 
There are some good reasons to invest in property, particularly now in Broome with several multi-million dollar projects lining up in the Kimberley, set to generate hundreds of new jobs and bolster economies in Broome and Derby.

Property is:
• A solid, long-term investment
• Property investment can reasonably be expected to provide capital growth in the long term
• Property market information is easily accessible and easily understood
• Property is tangible - you can actually see and monitor your investment
You should carefully consider your current and future living expenses so you’ll be assured you can repay your loan and maintain the quality of lifestyle you’ll require. Similarly if you currently renting it’s a good idea to consider how much this may be costing you and for an extra $100 a week you may be in the position to be paying off your own mortgage instead of somebody else’s.

Our property management department is still red hot at leasing properties so if it’s an investment you’re after why not buy now while the market is offering some great buys. To find out more about what our Property Management Team offers click here

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