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Information for New Commerical Tenancies

Rental Payments

We ask that you pay your rent monthly (or weekly depending on your Lease Agreement Terms) in advance or as agreed according to your Lease Agreement. Rent, outgoings and invoices must be paid by the due date on every occasion it is due. The amount of rent paid cannot be less than the weekly or monthly amount stated on your Lease Agreement.

You will also be issued with a Monthly Tenant Statement. This will contain rent and/ or outgoings that are due. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for rental arrears. If your rent is three days behind, we will immediately SMS or email you to remind you to pay. Once your rent is five (5) days in arrears, we will immediately send you an arrears letter by post or email.
Unfortunately this will be recorded on your rental history with us.

A Default Notice will be issued to you if your rent is not paid and we will proceed with further action in accordance with the Lease if the problem is not fully remedied.

Ways to Pay Rent - you can pay your rent by:

  • EFT (allow 2-3 working days in advance for bank processing).
  • Direct Credit
  • BPay (allow 2-3 working days for processing and ensure payments are made 5 business days in advance of when payment is due).
  • Cash
  • We may accept cheques as long as a prior arrangement is made with our company.

Payment can be made direct into our Trust account using the following details:
Account Number 4562562
BSB 306-119
You must include the address of the property and Tenant Reference in the narration (ie “12 Flowerdale SMITH”).

Your Tenant Reference is noted on your invoices and statements and is noted on the inside cover of your Welcome Pack. If a payment is received without a reference number, that payment may not be recognised and you will be behind in your rental payment.

Water Consumption/ Rates

The lessor receives a water account every two (2) months. Please refer to your Summary of Lease to see what you are responsible for.  In accordance with the Lease Agreement, you are liable, in most cases to pay for 100% of the water consumption on the property.

We will invoice you your portion and payment is required to our office within fourteen (14) days. A final reading is also taken when you vacate and all outstanding consumption must be paid.


If paying an invoice such as water, bond etc, please pay as a separate online transaction to your rent payment so that we know it is to be allocated to an invoice and not allocated to your rent. Payment of these Invoices must be made within 14 days. You will receive a Default Notice if they are not paid which will lead to further action.

Utility Connections
Please refer to your Summary of Lease for electricity arrangements at your property.

Electricity and Gas
Horizon Power (Electricity) 1800 267 926 or Business Customer Service Centre
1800 737 036.

Gas Cylinder Suppliers
MG Direct (08) 9192 2486 or
Kleenheat Gas (08) 91923 733

If there is an existing gas cylinder at the property, you must only re-order a replacement gas cylinder from the same company to avoid incurring a second facility fee to the Lessor which will be on-charged on to you.

Telephone and Internet
It is the responsibility of the tenant to have their own telephone or internet connected. The lessor makes no representations about the availability of the telephone lines or internet lines or services to the premises.

Electricity Connection and Ways to Save
Electricity in the Broome region is provided by Horizon Power who provide an online customer portal so you can establish a new account or manage your existing account. Horizon Power recommends to tenants to set up their account ahead of moving into new premises to avoid any inconvenience. If you are not already a Horizon Power customer you will need to create an account before you can register here. Alternatively you can contact their Business Customer Service Centre 1800 737 036.

At the hand-over appointment keys for the property are issued. The lessor only needs to supply to the tenant one set of keys. As an Agency we do not retain a copy of these keys therefore if you lose any keys, you are responsible for all costs and expenses associated with replacing the keys. A Tenant must not change any locks on the premises without the prior written consent of the Lessor/Agent.

Lost Keys - Keys Accidently Locked Inside
You should contact a locksmith and are responsible for payment of the account. Please do not try to contact your Property Manager out of business hours if you have locked yourself out of your property or if you have lost keys as the office doesn’t keep a copy of the keys, nor do they have authority to access the office out of hours to acquire keys for you. The local locksmith is North West Locksmith Phone (08) 9192 7716.

Tenancy Inspections
For the frequency of your Tenancy Inspections please refer to your Lease Agreement or Summary of Lease. The main purpose of the inspection is to provide a report to the lessor informing them on the condition of their investment and provide any recommendations. You will be sent an email of our suggested date and time which we ask if you would confirm if this is suitable. If we are not satisfied that you are making an effort to upkeep the property, we will re-inspect within 14 days.

Property Condition Report (PCR)
Please ensure that you return your signed/amended copy of your PCR to us within seven (7) days of receiving it. If this is not returned please be aware that the original report will be used for end of tenancy comparison, regardless of whether you agree to the original report or not.

Permitted Use
You are permitted to use the premises as per your Lease Agreement and/or the provided Summary of Lease. If you wish to use the premises in ways additional to your Lease Agreement please contact your Property Manager to obtain Lessors approval.

Alterations to the Premises
If you wish to install or remove any fixtures or fittings that are not outlined in your Lease Agreement, you must request this beforehand in writing. You must not make any alterations or additions to the Premises or to alter in any way without prior permission  ie. painting, installing shelves etc.

Aquariums / Waterbeds
You must seek prior written permission to install any waterbed or aquarium. If written permission is received you are still liable for the cost of any damage caused by the escape of water to the fixtures or fittings, furniture and chattels. Most insurance companies do not provide cover for this.

Blow-up or Temporary Swimming Pools
You must not install/erect a temporary swimming pool (including blow up and above ground swimming pools) where the water depth exceeds 30 cm without the prior written consent of the lessor/agent. If a lessor permits a tenant to install a temporary swimming pool it is the tenants responsibility to meet Shire requirements with appropriate security fencing at the tenant’s expense. At the end of the tenancy the tenant is responsible for the removal and to make good of any damage caused by the removal.

Strata Company
If you are renting a strata-titled/body corporate property, please refer to the
by-laws of the complex and areas of common property or exclusive use. Only the parking bays assigned to you can be used by you and your visitors. If applicable, a copy of the Strata By-Laws has been included in this pack.

Smoking Policy
All properties have a strict ‘no smoking inside’ policy. A tenant may be issued with a Default Notice if smoking is evident inside the property and may be required to pay for deodorising.

Noise Disturbances
All Tenants are expected to conduct themselves in a way that will not offend neighbours or passers-by, or breach any Shire regulations. Any activity that causes extreme or excessive noise or disturbance may be cause for default. This includes loud, offensive music, vulgar or profane language and parties that can disrupt a neighbour’s/ other complex users.

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