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Commercial Emergency Repairs

Our Office Hours
Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm    |      Saturday 8.30am to 1.00 pm
Our office can be contacted on (08) 9192 2000

If faced with an emergency, below are instructions for your plan of action. Your property manager can only guarantee to be contacted during working hours. Therefore, if you are faced with an emergency situation and are unable to contact your property manager, listed below is information on items that are classified as an emergency situation and instructions on how to deal with that emergency without the assistance from your property manager.

Emergency Situations are classified as Follows:

  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Blockage of Toilet – Only an emergency if one toilet at the property. If there are two toilets in the property you must utilise the second toilet until the next working day then contact your property manager.
  • Gas Leak
  • Glass Breakage
  • Power Lines Down
  • Fire
  • Break-Ins
  • Electrical Fault - likely to cause damage to property or to endanger human life
  • Carpet Damage/Floor Damage – by water due to severe storm or burst water pipe.

Emergency Contacts - Out of Normal Workings Hours Are (if an emergency please call 000)

Please refer to your Summary of Lease for a list of preferred contractors at your property.

  • Horizon Power (if you experience a supply interruption) 132 351
  • Water Corporation (leaks and bursts, blocked sewers) 131 275
  • Fire(08) 9158 3200
  • SES (for assistance during a storm, cyclone, earthquake)132 500
  • Broome State Emergency Unit 0417 937 073
  • Hospital (08) 9194 2222
  • Police (08) 9194 0200
  • Snake and Wildlife 0428 860 014
  • Power Lines fallen down - call Horizon Power immediately on 13 23 51

Severe Storm Damage
If unjury to another person call 000
Call SES (State Emergency Service) 132 500
If there are any burst water pipes, call a plumber and turn water off at the mains
If any electrical damage, call electrician and turn the power off at mains

Severe Damage to Property (Explosion or Collapsed Ceilings)
This is an emergency situation; always try to contact your property manager first.

If you cannot contact your property manager, you must then take the following steps:

  • Injury to another person call ambulance 000
  • If there is a fire call the fire brigade on 000
  • Call SES on 1300 130 039
  • If there are any burst water pipes, call a plumber and turn the water off at mains
  • If there is any electrical damage, call an electrician and turn power off at the mains
  • If water damage to the carpets, call a reputable carpet cleaning business like Broome Carpet Cleaning (08) 9192 3370
  • If there is structural damage to the house, flooding or electrical problems do not stay in the house. Your property manager will contact the building insurer the next working day that may need to arrange for an insurance assessor to inspect prior to arranging any repairs.
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