How to kick your own property goals

The top ten new years resolutions for 2018 includes getting out of debt. 

Getting out of debt is a great way to get a handle over your finances and increases your borrowing power. With interest rates lingering at record lows, it's important to look beyond the here and now and invest in some long-term thinking. You may be buying your first home or adding to your investment portfolio but here's where we recommend you start:

1) North West Finance offers a great place to start - as a broker they bring choice to the table, and with access to loans from multiple lenders and up-to-date knowledge of lending rules, can take the pain out of navigating what is an ever-changing and increasingly complex landscape for property investors. Click here to contact North West Finance.

2) Registering to be notified of properties being listed and sold in your local market offers invaluable information - register online here


How do the rich get rich?
According to an article titled "Real Estate rich list grows as Australia's wealthiest reap property profits" written by the Guardian looks at how beneficial property has been in building peoples wealth. The article states that "profit margins in the real estate sector are at record highs and Australia’s richest individuals are increasingly listing property as their sole source of wealth, new analysis shows (read full article here)."

All real estate is cyclical and Broome is in a great position if you are considering buying. The first two months alone for 2018 we leased 48 properties and that was amongst wet weather and three cyclones. The last quarter for 2017 suggested the majority of Western Australia has turned a corner offering a positive in sales growth when you read the information supplied by REIWA (read full article here). 
If you're considering an investment property here's an example of some we have available already secured with a lease in place. Please get in touch here if you'd like to know more.