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Do I really need a mortgage broker?

Rebecca Bell Rebecca Bell
2 August 2018

I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression “can’t see the wood for the trees”.  Well that saying cannot be truer when it comes to the Home Loan market.   Whilst we have a plethora of technology at our finger prints that we think makes our life easier - does it really?  

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The Secret To Future Cash Flow Success

Rebecca Bell Rebecca Bell
31 July 2018

Calculate depreciation deductions before purchasing property. Investors often question what the real cost will be to hold a property they are considering purchasing. It is important to ensure that their purchase provides them with the maximum cash return.

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Should I consider an investment in Broome?

Rebecca Bell Rebecca Bell
26 June 2018

Whether you’re considering buying your own home or investment, purchasing at the wrong time can directly affect your overall profitability. While purchasing in a rising market can influence your outlay, selling in a slowing market can also diminish your returns.

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