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Hurry, the doors are open to property opportunities!

Rebecca Bell Rebecca Bell
10 February 2019

If you are influenced by popular opinion, then you’ll probably be sitting on the real estate side-lines right now, at least as far as property investment is concerned. General sentiment is that the Australian property market is ‘crumbling around our ears’ or ‘falling at record levels’. Such emoti...

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Does Renovating Add Value?

Rebecca Bell Rebecca Bell
6 February 2019

To make sure your renovation adds value to the property, you first need to know the fastest and least expensive methods to multiply every dollar you spend on your renovation.

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Real Estate in the New Year

Rebecca Bell Rebecca Bell
2 January 2019

Like them or hate them, New Years Resolutions may or may not be something you choose to participate in but they are a great time to at least reflect on what you've achieved and what you plan to do this year. 

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