A word about Landlord Protection Insurance and the recent Domestic Violence Laws that have come into effect from WA

Landlords should check their Landlord Protection Policy as it will depend on the cover of the individual policy if they can claim this or not. If a tenant has legally been able to cease their lease under Domestic Violence Laws, it is unlikely that the Rent Default section could be enacted.

Some Insurers do have extensions for Hardship within their wordings and this may be where they can claim.
What's required to make a claim?
  •  Prescribed Notice of Termination from the Tenant
  • One of the following supporting documents:      
Family court injunction or application for same
Copy of prosecution notice or indictment containing a charge relating to violence against the tenant or a court record of a conviction of a charge; or
A report of family violence in a form approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection from any of the following: Doctor, Psychologist, Social Worker, Police Officer, Manager of a Women’s refuge.