10 things to do BEFORE moving into your new home

In the spirit of keeing moving day as stress free as possible we've come up with some handy tips to help get you through.

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  1. Connect your utilies including internet. Have you ever left your phone at home and felt like your arm has been chopped off. Imagine moving in and having no internet for weeks. Internet connections often need up to three weeks lead time.
  2. Have a plan for kids and pets. Make sure you've thought what young kids and pets will do on moving day. It can be handy to ask a friend or family memeber to help out looking after them so you can focus on organising the move.
  3. Pack and un-packing box. One of the first things you need to pack when moving house is an unpacking box. Something that contains all those little gadgets you'll need to get your hands on quickly. This includes allen keys, tools, labelled ziplock bags with screws, scissors, masking tape, dust clothes, dustpan and broom. Having these items all in the same box will save you time and your sanity.
  4. Check on local community facebook pages if anyone is giving away packing boxes or may be selling cheaper than you'd normally have to pay.
  5. Book a removalist or contact friends and offer them an incentive to loan you their truck and help on moving day.
  6. Organise house and contents insurance. So many times the people with no contents insurance are the people who are broken into. You need to arrange contents insurance only if you are renting but if you purchase the property you may need building insurance as well if it is a house and not part of a strata. If you have purchased a property in a strata still check with the strata company to confirm it is a joint insurance policy.
  7. Have the new home professionally cleaned. Theoretically speaking, most properties will be given a professional clean before the previous owners or tenants move out however sometimes a house will be empty for an extended period of time which means it will be due for another clean. Make sure you hire professional cleaners who specialise in final cleans. We have some numbers if you'd like help finding someone.
  8. Have spare keys cut. Do this as soon as you have the keys to your new home. Moving days are stressful and busy so its very easy for keys to get lost or locked inside the house. 
  9. Pack a first night box. Just as important as the unpacking box, the first night box is essential to a successful move. It should contain a change of clothes, toiletries, pj's, towl, bed linen and any other essentials including tea and coffee. It makes such a big difference to the comfort of your first night in your new home. 
  10. Have dinner and beverage plans arranged. Will you order takeaway to be delivered with a cold beer. Whatever you think you'll feel like there's nothing quite like cracking that first glass of white wine and toasting your new home after a strenous day of moving.
If our team can be of any help please get in touch and let us know. Otherwise happy moving :)