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Boating Fun

How many of us could never leave Broome because of the weekends spent fishing with your kids or mates? After a hard week at work there's nothing better than getting out on the ocean, away from it all and catching your own dinner and soaking up the picturesque landscape. 

Which is why I felt excited for Broome when I read the McGowan government has allocated $9.7 million to upgrade our boating facilities and help start the long discussed marina. I am realistic and know this is something that has been talked about for decades and these days $10 million doesn't go far but who knows with a shire election ahead of us and businesses suffering perhaps this could be the mix we need to finally get this project up and running.

Real estate is a direct result of what's happening in our town, both rental returns, rental prices and selling prices. While some may prefer cheap rents for their own affordability this then puts pressure on landlords who may struggle to cover their mortgage which then pressures them to sell at a price they couldn't afford.

We offer a quarterly marketplace report which details a lot of this information and really is a great read. If you'd like me to send you a copy just send me an email at and I can arrange it for you. 

In the meantime, happy boating!