How can I get the best price for my property?

There comes a time in life when you need to move on. Whether you’re changing jobs, retiring, or just need a change of scenery, one thing is certain when it comes to the sale of your home - your key objective is to determine the best, most realistic price for your home and to achieve it in the shortest period of time.

You may think selling your property will be easy and that the first person who walks through your door will fall in love with it. However, if you ask yourself how many houses you inspected before you bought your current property, and how many other people might have inspected the property before you chose it, you’ll realise that there’s a considerable amount of work, as well as marketing and sales expertise involved. This is where a good real estate agent can help.
For an easy to follow booklet that guides you through the process, providing advice on selecting the best real estate agent, realistically pricing your home, preparing and presenting your home for sale and, finally, the move click here

Of course, if there is anything else you need to know, just ask our selling team - they’ll be happy to help.